1 Gallon Beer Brewing | How To Brew Small Beer Batches

You will find all the answers to your questions on our website http://www.gallonbrewing.com but feel free to ask us if anything is unclear

Update: you actually don’t need to worry about sanitization until the end of the boil

We have a new and better procedure for sparging on this page http://www.gallonbrewing.com/brewing/small-batch-beer#sparge-gallon-homebrew

Make sure you calculate the amount of priming sugar for your beer as it varies from one recipe to another
Here is a good calculator
You can use sugar instead of honey, it’s actually cheaper and easier to dissolve

If you are interested in using the BIAB (Brew-in-a-Bag) method for small batches, we have this as well

1-gallon BIAB | Small batch Brew-in-a-Bag

There’s actually a better fermenter than a glass jug, 1-gallon food grade plastic buckets, check it out

1-gallon Plastic Beer Fermenter

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