£10 NO EQUIPMENT Homebrew Challenge: Extreme Budget Brewing

Homebrewing is expensive and you need loads of equipment right? WRONG! In this tongue-in-cheek video I dig into the bag of homebrew challenges that we have lying around and pull a great one out, a real lesson in extreme budget brewing!

The rules where that I had to brew a batch of all-grain beer from scratch for less than £10. In doing so I also had to DISCARD ALL OF MY BREWING EQUIPMENT and only use what I could find in a conventional kitchen.

How did it turn out? Watch the video to find out!

The point of this video was not to insist that everyone SHOULD try this but rather to show that you COULD do this if you really wanted to get started brewing with a very limited budget.

If you have any other challenge ideas please feel free to send them over either in the comments below, @DrTanknStein on Twitter or head over to our website www.drtanknstein.com for more content!

Thanks for watching,

Happy brewing



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