28 Creative Ways To Keep Your Keg Cold

How Do You Keep a Keg Cold?

Most people don’t like to drink warm beer. The flavor, aroma, oils, and acid in a beer lessen with warm temperatures. You have to ensure that your beer tastes really good, and that drinking it will feel relaxing and delightful.

How do you keep a keg cold? You can keep your beer cold with kegerators, keg coolers, coolers, and a kiddie pool. You can also opt for a keg blanket, a jockey box, economical ice cubes, insulators, and many others.

In this article, you will discover possible options to keep your keg cold. You will also discover products to chill the keg for different events.

Ways of Keeping Your Keg Beer Cold

The storage temperature can impact the smell and flavor of the beer. It can create an unpleasant chemical reaction like souring or being tasteless. A keg is a perfect option for storing and keeping your beer cold and fresh.

Warm beers can be disappointing, especially if you want to quench your thirst. However, there are easy ways to keep your keg cold for various occasions.


A kegerator is a combo of a keg and a refrigerator. It looks like a mini-refrigerator. It’s intended to keep a keg in a cooler spot, keeping the beer ice-cold.

A kegerator comes in numerous designs with different features to fulfill any needs. Different types of kegerators come in different styles and sizes, including indoor and outdoor kegerators.

The only drawback is that kegerators are costly. For a few, the deal is worth it. However, a lot of individuals have no continuing need for a kegerator.

Keg Coolers

Keg coolers are extraordinary. They have built-in insulation that will keep your beer ice-cold with no condensation. The strong-featured double wall is made of polyethylene. The handles are intended to be easier to grip and carry.

The reversible lid guarantees that you can store half or a quarter keg without any hassle. With loads of space, you can simply put a full keg with ice and load up food on top.

It also serves as a huge beer cooler that can accommodate 168 cans. The keg cooler is available in green, black, red, blue, and gray and can fuse with your color theme.

Portable Coolers

Keeping a beer cold requires a portable cooler. Portable coolers remain cold thanks to insulation and ice. The insulation is commonly made out of plastic or foam found inside the cooler. It delays the spread of warm air inside.

Apart from insulation, most portable coolers need ice to remain fresh and cold. The ice ensures that the temperature remains ice-cold. However, be mindful that this is effective when the lid remains closed.

Whenever it’s opened, warm air is free to slip inside and cause the temperature to rise. You can add more ice to the cooler to keep the beer cold.

Kiddie Pool

Another great technique for keeping your keg cold is a kiddie pool. You can get one from the store and load it with beer and ice. Obviously, after the celebration, you can have your kids enjoy the pool.

Garbage Can

A garbage can is ideal for any celebration when keeping your keg cold. You can buy a garbage can and load it with beer and ice.

The ice will do the trick and cause the beer to get cooler. The garbage can is also easier to transfer, and you can transport it to another place.

Keg Tubs

Among the most practical methods of keeping a keg, cold is using a keg tub. There are keg tubs on the market that have an 18-gallon design.

The keg tubs have rope handles on each side that allow you to raise and move them everywhere. The good thing about a keg tub is that it can be used for several things, like a cache for rainwater.

The bad thing about buying a keg tub is that it comes in only two sizes. You can choose from the durable 18-gallon tub or the typical 17-gallon tub, which is cheaper but can crack easily.

Keg Blankets

Keg blankets, or keg sleeves, are insulated wrapping. You can wrap it all over a beer keg to keep the initial temperature.

It’s a great option, contrary to cooling practices because it doesn’t need any ice or huge containers. Keg blankets are usually made from thick neoprene to keep the keg cold for 8 hours.

You can add more ice or freeze packs inside a pocket, and this is waterproof. There’s also an attached sleeve for cups so that you and your friends can enjoy the beer overnight.

It consists of secure handles for effortless carrying. However, keg blankets are pricier than other methods.

Jockey Box

A jockey box is a portable draft beer method that is assembled into a common cooler. It operates by supplying beer from the keg toward the chilled coils inside the cooler.

The other tip of the coil is linked to an external valve. The jockey box is cheaper than other boxes.

It has an Igloo cooler to keep the ice bath freezing for hours. The downside of this method is that you need to purchase the dispensing kit separately. You also need to keep the keg freezing to avoid intense foaming.

The jockey box is an ideal option for delivering a convenient way of dispensing beer from the keg.

Keg Sheet

A keg sheet is made of lightweight material that covers the keg barrel cooler. It functions by casting out heat and full sunlight to keep your keg cold during outdoor events.

It is also assembled using NASA technology materials and doesn’t require ice or other materials. There are other fascinating perks of keg sheets, like keeping foodstuffs cold on a long trip.


Insulators come in various styles such as jackets, covers, sheets, blankets, and others. Insulators are practical and will keep the beer ice-cold for some time but are not advisable for long use. Insulators are easy to keep in good condition and to clean.

Stainless Tumbler

A tumbler made from long-lasting stainless steel with double-walled vacuum insulation will prevent cold from getting out. This stainless tumbler will keep your beer cold, especially during camping trips. It’s also ideal for containing hot coffee.

Ecofriendly Ice Cubes

Eco-friendly ice cubes are made out of stainless steel. They will not tarnish, rust, or change the taste, nor will they liquefy in your drink. You can freeze the ice cubes for 4 to 5 hours.

Then they’re available to use. After that, wash the ice cubes, and they’re excellent for the next round of beer drinking.

Backpack Cooler

This cooler delivers like a hard cooler but has the mobility of a backpack that you can hang off your shoulder. The average-size cooler holds 12 cans of beer and ice and floats in the pool for accessibility.

Insulated Bottle

You can pour your beer inside an insulated bottle to keep it colder for an extended period of time. It is cheaper than other methods. The opening is narrow so that you won’t spill your beer, and the twist cap is watertight.

The handgrip is easy to spin and move. It also has an added silicone cover to prevent cracks and scratches.

Outdoor Cooler

An outdoor cooler is certainly an advantage, especially during frequent outdoor activities. It is resistant and can endure harsh conditions.

The fiber is waterproof and protected from mildew, UV rays, and punctures. The covering is made of FDA-approved materials that are safe for foods.

Stainless Mini-Keg

The stainless mini-keg is perfect for any occasion, especially when you don’t want to carry several bottles.

It will keep your bottle cold with its stainless steel and copper plating. It is custom-built to keep your beer fresh and cold, as well as readily movable.

Stainless Beer Chiller

The beer chiller is designed with stainless steel and a double wall that serves both bottles and cans. The insulated vacuum will keep your beer ice-cold for hours.

Also, this beer chiller comes with a built-in bottle opener that’s perfect for any occasion.

Keg Dispenser

The keg dispenser has a large interior that can hold 2 or 3 thin or oversized kegs. The keg dispenser is 100% stainless steel and nickel-plated and has double valves to dispense 2 beers simultaneously.

It has a digital screen where you can easily adjust the setting. Leakages and spills are prevented with the chrome guard shaft and dishwasher safe-leak tray.

The dispenser can be a mini-fridge that can accommodate full-scale drink bottles or anything that needs to be cold. The coolest aspect of this dispenser is the deep chill mode button, which can quickly drop room temperature.

Cooling Beer Pint Glass

If you like drinking your beer in a freezing glass, the cooling beer pint glass is right for you.

This pint glass is designed to stay in the freezer until you use it. It is like a jumbo ice cube enclosing your beer, and you rest assured that it will remain cold for hours.

Neoprene Koozie

The neoprene koozie is designed to keep your beer colder for hours. It has a covering or gasket that will fasten your beer in even the most daring of engagements.

Ice Chest

The ice chest is ideal for keeping your beer ice-cold, especially in warm weather. You can easily fill the container with water and toss it into a freezer.

In a couple of hours, you’ll get rounded ice balls that can last longer than typical ice cubes. This is ideal for a series of drinking sessions, and you can share it with your friends.

Cube Tray

The cube tray makes larger ice cubes that take much longer to melt. Every tray can make oversized cubes, ideal for placing into your beer.

Plastic Tub and a Bag of Ice

These are the easiest, more economical, and most conveniently available items that you can use to keep a keg cold. This method has been followed for a long time. 

Bucket Cooler

The bucket cooler can store 52 cans of beer or a thin quarter keg of ice-cold beer. This is perfect for a get-together or any occasion. It comes in different sizes and colors.

Floating Cooler

The creative floating cooler is designed with double-walled and first-class insulation. This will generate excellent ice retention. You may pull it behind a boat or ferry, and it will keep your beer cold and close at hand.

Below-Ground Beer Cooler

This unique below-ground beer cooler doesn’t use any ice or electricity to keep beers cold. Instead, it buries beers in the ground and uses the remaining temperature to keep your drink ice-cold.

Your beer will use the ability of Earth’s untamed freezing, which has been in existence for thousands of years.

Use Cold Water, Ice, and Salt

Cold water is the quickest technique to decrease the temperature of your beer. You can submerge the beer in a container with cold water.

You can also add ice to create a 50/50 mixture of ice and water. The container should be thicker and sealed so that the ice will dissolve slowly.

You can mix a small handful of table salt in cold water and ice, which will do the trick. Salt decreases the freezing temperature of the water. This means that the water can be cooler than the normal freezing temperature.

Dry Ice

Dry ice is a more solid technique to keep your beer cold. Although dry ice is pricier than wet ice, it can last longer. You can wrap the dry ice in a newspaper. It can last for 2 or 3 days in an icebox and will keep your drinks ice-cold.


In all instances, you’ll need to keep your keg cold. If you refrain from keeping it cold, your beer will not be thirst-quenching, especially on a hot day. If the beer is warm for an extended time, it could sour and rot.

There are a lot of alternatives for keeping a keg cold without spending too much. These alternatives are multifunctional, portable, and durable.

They will keep your beer at an excellent temperature, especially during an outdoor meal or while you’re out with friends.


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