All Grain Brewing For Beer Or Spirits 101 Intro

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How to make an all-grain wash/wort for beer or spirits.

All grain brewing can be very VERY daunting to those wanting to begin the craft. There is NO WAY one video can teach you everything you need to know. So today Matt and I are giving you the 101 course. We will walk through the basics of the main steps needed to make an all grain beer or spirit. Including recipe, mashing, sparging, boiling & into fermenting.

Matt has a seriously pimped out home brewing setup. Don’t let that distract you from the basics though. You can make beer that is just as good using a much cheaper setup. We talk through your options here:

The Stout Recipe:

12 kg / 26.4 lb Pale Malt

4.5 kg / 9.9 lb Munich Malt

0.9 kg 1.99 lb Roasted Wheat

0.9 kg / 1.99 lb Flaked Oats

0.9 kg / 1.99 lb Flaked Wheat

0.73 kg / 1.6 lbLight Chocolate Malt

0.17 kg / 0.37 lb Caraffa II


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