All-Grain Vs Extract Brewing

Curious on the difference between All-Grain and Extract Brewing?
Ever wonder if you can taste a difference between beers brewed in the All-Grain or Extract style? Have no idea what this means but love watching people drink and brew beer?

Well then, check out our first video in which we compare two brewing styles; All-Grain versus Extract.

This is our first episode in a serious of videos where we explore the different styles and many ways of brewing beer. We will also test our finished beer on friends and peers to see what they prefer and why.

In this video we brew the same exact recipe, a single-malt, single-hop pale ale. Please stay tuned to this channel or subscribe for our second episode to find out the results of our brew challenge.

A few disclaimers… We are NOT experts! We LOVE brewing! We know there are a MILLION different ways to brew! We WERE drinking during filming!


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