Azacca Kveik Smash IPA – 3 Day IPA Fail, 4 Week IPA Success

In this brewing video, we’re making an IPA with Azacca hops in less than a week by fermenting in a kettle with Kveik yeast. This is a perfect homebrew recipe for people who want to make homebrew beer fast. In this case, we have friends coming into town and we want to have a beer for everyone to drink. Watch this video to learn how to make IPAs, Pale Ales, Lagers, or any kind of beer super fast. We spend time in this tutorial to teach you about how to make your water chemistry right for this style. Ideally, you want there to be more chlorides than sulfates in your water in order to make it softer and the final flavor juicier. The Azacca hops we’re using in this beer have fairly high alpha acids (12%) and have a flavor profile that consists of citrus, mango, and tangerine notes. The yeast we’re using to ferment this beer is very unique and is the reason you’ll be able to make this recipe quickly. Kveik is a type of yeast from Norway that ferments around 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 C) without producing off-flavors. We also learned some lessons ourselves during this brew day that you can learn from too. Watch this video all the way through to learn how to make an IPA with Kveik yeast without making any of the mistakes we made. We recommend you brew this beer and then take it to a cookout to be paired with grilled steak, hamburgers, fried chicken and desserts like brownies and chocolate truffles. Check out the resources below for brewing equipment and an educational article about brewing contemporary beer styles with Kveik yeast.

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Brewing Contemporary Styles with Kveik Yeast:

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