It’s cold out there.

Welcome back, guys today, we are going to make corona.

I know a lot of you guys things, I think, this is full of piss, but why does everybody buy it then because it’s good, a good light beer.

I used in my previous larger in co, and it turned out very good, so that’s why I’m using that to… So today I’m trying a double step Mart temperature six, one degree Celsius and the seconds that would be 69 degrees Celsius. This is the first time I do to step mass in a…

So, for the corona you need… corn flakes rice. I got pre-board rise, then I have my pale ale for hops in use in since I know that’s not right, but my delivery of Liberty didn’t get to this day and syngo was all i had a… So that’s why I’m using Syngo.

I always have a single mesh. So it would be excited to see how it consulting or is it any different from the single mesh? And first time I use in this is the first time everything this day. First I use in software or one mine in testis so it would be excited to how it… So for Mexico, lower well.

So, that’s beginning to share.

I set the temperature to 65 because the MOD is colder than the water, so it was the water temperature will drop.

He soon there.

I totaled at the internet. I mean, water and then the grain. And are the 00 grand or risen? I use in one pillow like for a that one I have a three-point a kilo, so all in, I… That So, I eateries the initial one-on-one in a sixth one, six, five degrees. Then on the molt this point a Koster, so… That there won’t be any clumps that the area formed in a the the sea, then we set it up to 6 one in part 61. little less power and then the “aramar one or… And then we… After one hour, we’re gonna put temperature to six… 9 degrees like that.

The one he… Now, the same God filter 10 grams 60 minutes and then Ed grounds at a 10 minutes in Eurasia.

I ran so I, I wish… So the what I tattooed so that’s the beer did the is going to the board at 50 minutes. See, I hate that when it only gives a little beep and then it’s all…

What can I Titus by may give a good bit and then you have a set it up again.

So it’s 10 now, the second match in a as the nine degrees for 00 Benedictine “tianan one of, Okay, this isn’t the expensive to rule:Equipment. So I get it, that it’s not perfect, but you could do something about this. I like the machine, but you’re good. fix some problems.

Now we have to wait at the gain or one or The Entente there we go, in a settlement that run true and then we drown us dark to mesh the MAs barwic.

So let’s start to with this for… So let’s start cooking temperature gonna set it to 100 in tree, then we wait till it start Boing boy of time, 90 minutes gonna put time on when starts to Boy them.

Okay, the time has been said, through my minutes, after 30 minutes, I’m gonna do the first upset with Saco first to Kent. In oh, this is six, the minutes fortified minutes gone in that are both the rest I not five minutes. And then the final at these things for ages.

I think I need a fact in the ten final it Gramps, of sin go And then minutes and then it will be ready.

Now let’s go it done, and this is going to go that I’m gonna take a sample of this.

That is a trait it is a hard at 64, this is gonna go in to be a strong Carrey. Strong “karai wasn’t expecting this, six before when I got… And I got to use I attained I built this yesterday so that I can monitor the temperature side God in cement the future for the retirement to… You know, I have jurists gonna take that to decide on a speak to, but then I have a battery, small battery seminar.

17-00. so what the Nest… So, then I have this device, this is the temperature outside of fermentation been and when it gets below 11 degrees to better were battery will go on, not a tethered okay, that’s it guys. Now would have the way for the fermentation to finish, it’s gonna take about one month gonna boot it in the secondary after two weeks and lower the time to about nine degrees Celsius, and now when we away, for that, “Oh “Cronus the Amish, we can drink or two, but coolness from the store just died and Citadel next time.

And so then the next time I’m gonna make more wine because Christmas is coming, so you have to prepare for the Christmas of course, and the most wine is very good at winter time or when it’s called “Outside it warms your heart and just… I see our next day, “why can subscribe to A.


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