Beer Baron Brewing: My Electric Brewing Setup

Shout out to Brian at Short Circuited Brewers. His videos are very helpful when home brewers are going from propane to electric. Very informative and just an overall friendly guy and asset to the home brew community!

2nd time using this system. Gone through some tweaks. I didn’t record all of the time brewing. figured it would be boring to watch. I’m really happy for how the system performs. The insulation holds the temp well and only takes about 130-150 watts of power to maintain it at 152 degrees F.

With 2 gallons it went from 63 degrees F to 152 F in about 14 minutes.

Total boil volume with DME is 3.5 gallons, temp dropped to 160 with the additions. Got to a boil pretty quick in about 16 minutes from there.

I invite you to ask questions and I will answer best I can. Truth be told I am still learning myself.

120V Electric Brewing Setup

7.5 gal Bayou Classic Pot
SSVR with potentiometer
2250W Stainless heating element
Weldless 1.5″ Triclamp
Custom built controller
Weber Grill Meat Thermometer to monitor mash temp
Bubble Insulation to wrap around pot.


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