Beer Brewing 101 – The Brew Dudes Book

We wrote a book! Beer Brewing 101 is a beginner’s guide to homebrewing for craft beer enthusiasts.

We’ve been brewing for many years as well as blogging and vlogging. We had been thinking about writing a book for a while and as if someone had bugged our brew stand, we were approached by a publishing company. They asked if we wanted to author an easy homebrewing guide book so we jumped at the opportunity.

This book contains all the basic how-to steps for brewing beer with extract. It discusses ingredients, equipment, and process. Along with that helpful information, it also includes 30 recipes from our archive. The recipes cover a vast range of styles and flavors. This is so the rookie brewer can get really comfortable with a wide range of ingredients like hops, malts, and yeast.

We truly appreciate our audience and we are keenly aware that most of you brew all-grain recipes. We hope that if you have friends and family that want to learn more about the brewing process, you will point them towards this book. It’s just another way that we extend our side of the community to your side of the community. And that’s what Beer and These Brew Dudes are all about.

Please use this link to either get your own copy or pass this link along to the good people you know that might want this book to start their home brewing journey.

Brew on and CHEERS!
And thanks so much for supporting us and watching our videos!

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