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Beer Drop

It’s challenging to keep up with craft beer trends since some of these fads come and go. One moment a particular beer is trending, and all of a sudden, it is old news.

However, some people believe that a beer drop will help you keep up with the latest beer trends.

What is beer drop? Beer Drop is a monthly craft beer delivery service created with you in mind. Fresh Beer that suited your preferences, with the option to alter, skip, or cancel at any time. They collaborate with the best breweries to bring you high-quality craft beer.

You may be unfamiliar with what beer drop is and how it works. In this article, I will discuss the topic of Beer Drop further so you can later decide if you want in.

Beer Drop Trend

Beer Drop is a Colorado-based craft beer delivery program with a unique approach. They collaborate with the state’s best breweries to bring you the freshest, tastiest, and most creative craft beer available. It’s easy to enter Beer Drop.

You get to choose your favorite beer types when you sign up. You can change this later if you get tired of getting sores after a few shipments.

Compared to other Beer of the month services, this one gives you more power over the beers you get. Plus, it will not require you to hand-pick them.

1. Top Picks

You can choose Top Picks if you want Beer Drop to choose the beers for you. These will be the beers with the highest ratings in all styles.

It is still a good bet because there are some genuinely outstanding bangers in the mix. Beer Drop puts a lot of time and cares into their beer selection process.

2. Dark

Beer Drop has an extensive range of dark beers. It includes unusual barrel-aged and trendy pastry stouts to satisfy your stout and porter cravings.

  • Finkel & Garf – Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout
  • Mockery Brewing – BA Chocolate Macadamia Oatmeal Stout
  • 105 West Brewing – Colorado Stout

3. Lagers

Here’s where you’ll find your crispy boys! Pilsners and Helles are common, as are clean ales like Kolsch and cream ales like:

  • Bruz Beers – Bruz Pils: Belgian-Style Pilsner
  • Fiction Beer Company – Off Script: Pilsner
  • TRVE Brewing – Cold: Czech-style Keller Pils

4. Hoppy

You should expect IPAs, hazy IPAs, and pale ales. Here are a few recent examples:

  • TRVE Brewing – Tunnel of Trees: IPA
  • Baere Brewing – Less Talk More Hops: Double IPA
  • Outer Range Brewing –  DDH Way Down DDH Hazy Double IPA

5.   Sour

Beer Drop has you covered for all things sour, from Gose and Berliner Weisse to fruited sours and wild ales. Here are a few recent beers:

  • Black Project – Stingray: Sour Wheat Ale with Sweet Cherry, Blood Orange, and Lime
  • Black Project – Tombstone: Double Dry Hopped Sour Ale Mixed With Grapefruit
  • TRVE Brewing – Cursed: Mixed Culture Sour Pale Ale

6. Malty

Choose malt-forward beer types like amber ale, brown ale, and scotch ale for heartier, more prosperous, and sweeter brews. Expect to see beers like:

  • LaunchPad Brewery – Einstein Cross: Oak Aged Hoppy Red
  • Elevation Beer Co – Beauty and Justice: English Mild Ale
  • Gravity Brewing – Olde Gravitatum: Old Ale

7. Fruit

If you enjoy fruit in your Beer, there are several excellent choices available in all styles. Among the most recent beers are:

  • Platt Park Brewing – Watermelon Berliner Weisse
  • WestFax Brewing Cp – Bootylicious: Blueberry Wheat Beer
  • Black Project – Blinder: Sour Wheat Ale with Raspberry and Plum

8. Belgian

If you enjoy Belgian-style Beer, this profile will introduce you to some of Colorado’s best breweries. Saisons, quads, wits, and strong ales are available, including:

  • Funkwerks Brewing Co –  Funkwerks Saison
  • Woods Boss Brewing – Turbid Morals: Mixed Fermented Belgian Golden Strong
  • Bruz Beers – Saison Nelson


The ten beers cost $39.99 in total, plus $5 for delivery. That’s extremely low shipping, and even with shipping, you’re just paying $4 per Beer.

That’s a steal compared to many other clubs. Remember that their Beer is fresh Colorado beer from one of the country’s most renowned craft breweries.

If that package seems like a bore, you can also make improvements to your Beer.

Beer Drop Plus (+ $10)

Beer Drop Plus is an excellent addition to the standard kit. With Plus, you can upgrade two of the five beers to limited-edition or taproom-only launches.

Beer Drop sources crawlers and limited-edition special releases from local breweries. Subscribers to Beer Drop Plus can take advantage of this by switching out two beers per box.

You still have a lot of options in terms of the Beer you get. You can replace some of their suggestions with your own. That means if you don’t like one of the beers, you can trade it for any other beer on their website.

While you can swap as much as you want, each Drop can earn you up to $50 in Beer. That is, if the amount exceeds $50, you will be paid the difference.

Beer Drop Ultimate (+ $25)

Beer Drop Ultimate is a top-of-the-line facility. You will upgrade all five of your beers to exclusive or taproom-only products as an Ultimate subscriber.

You can also substitute any of the five options for other beers available on their web, just as with a Plus membership. If your options surpass $50, you must pay the difference, just like

Plus. You get two beers upgraded to limited releases or taproom-only offerings with Beer Drop Plus.

Beer Drop VS Other Beer Month Clubs

Beer Drop does it their way. They aren’t following in the footsteps of more well-known beer clubs. Beer Drop is, in my opinion, a great beer of the month club to start with. Here are some of the reason why:

  1. They’re inexpensive.
  2. Beer Drop has a wide range of options.
  3. They have access to some of Colorado’s best breweries. You even have some influence over the situation.
  4. Beer Drop has a more accessible and customer-centric operation. They make beer shopping simple and, if necessary, provide fast, direct communication through their website or phone.
  5. By sending them an email, you can cancel your service at any time. If you want to take a break, you can even miss shipments.
  6. Beer Drop offers $5 shipping to any location in the United States. There are no hidden costs or headaches.
  7. Beer is packaged in safe boxes, and cans are usually enclosed in plastic bags. All are delivered on time and as planned.

However, it’s easy to overlook the fact that many people enjoy regular microbrewery beer. Trending varieties aren’t for all. On occasion, some people prefer blondes, amber ales, pale ales, and fruit wheat ales.

Advantages Of Joining Beer Drop

  1. You can fill your Beer Drop with any beer you choose. You may swap it out for one of the suggested beers if your schedule allows it. By adding individual beers to your cart and checking out, you can place additional one-time orders at membership rates.

  2. You can log into your account and change the beers in your Drop once you’ve got your preview email. Log in to your account and update your upcoming Drop by clicking the edit icon.

    However, Plus and Ultimate members have access to this functionality. Basic level members can add beers to their Drop for no additional shipping charge.

  3. You can change your style preferences by going to Beer Drop Preferences in your account navigation. Members at the Plus and Ultimate levels will permanently delete and exclude individual beers.

    If you have a particular dietary or allergy requirement, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you. At this time, they do not sell gluten-free memberships.

  4. They’ll make suggestions for the beers they think you’ll like the most. If the recommendations have been set, you can go into your account and swap to your heart’s content. It does not matter whether you’re a Plus or Ultimate level Beer Drop member. From their ever-changing list of available beers, pick as many as you’d like.

If you have unique dietary conditions, such as a peanut allergy, let them know. They are guaranteed to do their best to accommodate you.

Joining Beer Drop

It’s easy to sign up for Beer Drop. Go to their website, register, and choose your beer profile. Choose your subscription form and pay with most major credit cards or PayPal in the United States.

They’ll ship your package within a day or two of receiving payment.

Canceling Beer Drop

Beer Drop is one of those areas where canceling is a bit of a pain. There is no choice to cancel.

  1. You must send them an email, and a representative may attempt to hold you as a member by pausing your membership.
  2. You must reply with a no thanks text.
  3. You must complete a survey.

If you do not like their subscription canceling service, you can send a low score to customer service. They cannot blame you. Canceling is quite a pain in the head.

The survey is brief, but some people always fail to cancel their subscriptions. This situation is also popular with meal kits and other subscription-based services. Most people are known for not reactivating their subscriptions after canceling them.


In the world of beer delivery boxes, Beer Drop provides a one-of-a-kind service. They have a fantastic range of specialty beers and are constantly evolving.

All thanks to their connections with top Colorado breweries. Each month, you can expect highly high-quality and exclusive beers.


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