Beginner’s Guide to Beer Brewing Equipment (Chapter 1/Home Brew by U)

Learn about beer brewing equipment with Thomas Monti of Schoolhouse Beer & Brewing. Class starts now!

Home Brew by U Chapter 1 – Beer Brewing Equipment

Ready to brew your own beer? You’re going to need some basic beer brewing equipment. If you’re just getting started, we recommend the BSG Home Starter Kit. BSG packs all the beer brewing equipment you won’t find in other base-level kits. You’ll get an automatic pump-style siphon, hydrometer, an adhesive thermometer for the primary fermenter, and a full 27-page beginner’s guide. It’s everything you need to make sure the brewing process is fun and easy!

You will also need, but not included in the starter kit, are these items:

– 5 gallon stainless steel brewpot
– Bottles
– Caps

At Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing, our goal is to offer you the finest education in beer making and brewing. From beginners to experienced students, we want to teach you all the tips and techniques so you can craft the perfect beer. There’s no intimidation here – just good discussion and lessons from a decidedly un-snobby crew.

We’ll Teach You How to Brew Your First Batch of Beer

Learn all the steps to brewing your own beer with instructor Thomas Monti. He’ll teach you everything you need to know:

– Extract Brewing
– Beer Brewing Equipment
– Beer Kits
– Recipes
– Bottling Beer
– Caps
– Fermentation
– Yeast
– and so much more!

Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing’s mission is to help everyone learn about craft beer, home brewing and learning how to brew your own beer. From our taps to our takeaways, our goal is to give your mind all the delicious knowledge it can handle. This is consumer education the way it ought to be.

As Ben Franklin once said:

“Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy!”

Be happy! Stop by Schoolhouse Beer and Brewing in Marietta GA today. Or shop on-line from our new e-commerce store.


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In case you missed it, here’s our introduction to Home Brew by U

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