Belgian Blonde Beer Brew Grainfather 4k HD


Batch Size: 12 L / 3.17 US LIQUID GALLONS
OG: 1.061
FG: 1.004 (When using yeast suggested only)
Alcohol 7.5% ABV (When using yeast suggested only)
Boil Time: 90 mins
IBU: 19.0
BU:GU 0.31
Efficiency: 75% (Adjust to your typical Effieciency)
Colour: 17

Mash steps:-
60 Mins @ 70 deg c / 158 deg f
10 Mins @ 75 deg c / 167 deg f


Pilsner Malt (76%) 2.35kg/ 5.18lbs
Munich Malt (10%) 0.30kg/ 0.66lbs
Biscuit Malt (3%) 0.10kg/ 0.22lbs
Melanoiden Malt (2%) 0.07kg/ 0.15lbs
Candi Sugar, Clear (9%) 0.28kg/ 0.61lbs Late Boil Addition


Goldings, East Kent. (5.7% AA)
First Wort (Add before sparging)
14g / 0.49oz
IBU 16.4

Yeast Nutrients – See product directions

Saaz (4% AA)
Boil 15 mins
7.50g / 0.26oz
IBU 2.6

Irish moss – See product directions

15g Orange Peel, Bitter 5 mins Boil
15g Orange Peel, Sweet 5 mins Boil
10g Coriander Seed (Crushed) 5 mins Boil


Mangrove Jacks M31 Belgian tripel
For the first week ferment at 18 deg c then raise up by 1 deg c per day until reaching 25 deg c. Hold until FG is reached and stable for 3 days.
This yeast has a very very high attenuation rate, it can often ferment to SG 1,000

Introduction music:- Drink Beer (Till The Day That I Die) by Dazie Mae


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