BIAB Electric Brewing Overview and Assembly

Our Brew Setup:

This is an assembly guide for Clawhammer Supply’s 304 stainless steel, 10 gallon Brew in a Bag (BIAB) electric brewing system:

Regardless of the method of brewing you use to make your beer, our brewing system can help make it better. It’s designed for all grain brewing, however, it can be used to make extract based beers as well.

BIAB systems differ from traditional setups because there is only one kettle, as opposed to the traditional three kettles (hot liquor tank, mash tun, boil kettle) that are typically used. In our system, mashing and boiling is completed in the same kettle. High temperature, food grade hose is used to circulate wort through a stainless steel grain basket during the mash. Once mashing is complete, the grains are removed from the system and the boil / hopping begins.

This system is more space efficient than a traditional setup because there is only one kettle, as opposed to 3. It’s more time efficient. It’s cleaner because there is no pouring or siphoning. All of the liquid is circulated or transferred using a pump and food grade hoses. It’s also easier to use and produces better and more consistent results because the digital controller hits and maintains temperatures with the push of a button.


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