Brew Day – Oktoberfest 3 (intermediate, extract)

Briess actually make a very wide variety of malt extracts instead of just you standards like “light” and “wheat”, so when I realised that there were vienna and munich products doing an Oktoberfest sprang to mind.

If you’re a curious type like me then I highly recommend going to their site and checking out all the different varieties. There’s also rye, porter, golden … go see!

Recipe as follows …

1.5kg Briess Munich LME
1.5kg Briess Vienna LME
500g light DME
250g light crystal
25g Magnum @60
14g Hallertau @10
12g Tettnang @10
5L boil
W34/70 lager yeast

OG: 1.051 (calculated, not measured)
FG: 1.013
IBU: 25.2 (taking into account concentration factor)
EBC: 25.0
ABV: 5.3%

To see the results, check out the tasting video –


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