Brew Day – Pale Ale (advanced, BIAB)

This is my first all-gain pale believe it or not, so I’ve started with a fairly simple base recipe …

85% ale malt (4.3kg)
10% munich (0.5kg)
5% medium crystal (0.25kg)
25g Amarillo FWH
8g Magnum @60 (to aim for 31 IBUs)
30(ish?)g Cascade Dry
BRY-97 yeast
27L batch

I’m aiming for a nice sessionable OG of 1.044 with FG expected to be 1.012.

And yes, I did get it right the first time when I said “Cascade”. I might add a little amarillo to the dry hop too when it comes time, because I’m cool like that :o)

To see the results, check out the tasting video –


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