Brewing a Coopers European Lager with Coopers DIY Kit

Hey gang… today I brewed a Coopers Lager using the coopers DIY beer kit.

However this beer making session is a little different… a Youtube friend of mine Ade swears that you can make really good tasting beer by following the instructions exactly that come with the coopers beer kit!

As you will see he did recommend I add some extra Malt Extract to the brew, which I did….

The key here apparently is after making the beer you need to leave it in the bottles for at least 3 months before drinking… THAT has always been my problem…. I get thirsty… I like beer… the beer is just sitting there…. soooo…. I have a tendency to crack the homebrew open well before 3 months….

BUT this time I promised I would not!! Best of luck to me.

Here video #2 of this challenge, where I bottle the homebrew:

Check out the video….

And if you want more Beer making tips and tricks, etc… hit up my new blog:

Until my next homebrewing video my homies…


Big Robb!!

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