Brewing a Czech (Bohemian) Pilsner – Grain to Glass

In this video I show you how to brew a classic Czech Pilsner or Bohemian Pilsner. This classic style is a very clean, pale and crisp lager with a noticeable hop bitterness that sets it apart from its German cousin. The final beer turned out at 5.8% ABV with 42 IBUs, a little strong for the style, but overall still quite nice. I wish it was lighter colored still and had more hop nose but I was very pleased with the results nevertheless as it was only my second lager ever.

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The 65% brewhouse efficiency BIAB recipe for 4 gallons into the fermenter is below:

7.5 lbs German Pilsner malt
0.5 lb German Carafoam (carapils) malt

Single infusion mash at 153 F for 90 min

90 minute boil:
60 min – 1.5 oz Saaz
30 min – 1.25 oz Saaz
10 min – 1 oz Saaz
0 min – 1 oz Saaz

OG: 1.054

2 packages rehydrated Saflager 34/70 dry lager yeast

Ferment 2-3 weeks at 45-50 degrees, raise to 70 for 3 days, lager at 33 degrees for 1 month

FG: 1.010


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