Brewing a German Hefeweizen – Grain to Glass

Special thanks to my awesome Dad (Worth) for welding the home brew setup!

I love brewing as there are unlimited possibilities, just like in music. Here is a video I made for fun which shows how I used to brew. I may do an updated video in the future of my current brewing methods. I hope this helps you in some way with your brewing adventures!


1) Sofi Lopez – No More Blues
2) Sofi Lopez (w/ Matt Maldonado) – Someday My Prince Will Come
3) Witch Diaries (w/ Rachel Savoie, Shawn Orrick, Ray Dorado, Drew Creel, Skunk Manhatten & Carter Arrington) – Awkward Moments
4) Witch Diaries (w/ Shawn Orrick) – Leave No Space
5) Jon Simpson – Tear’s Dream (2007)

All music was recorded at Oak Shed Studios.

Recipe for 10.5 gallon batch –

11 pounds german pilsen
11 pounds german red wheat
1.0oz hallertau at 1hr
1.0oz hallertau at 30 min
White Labs Hefeweizen IV Yeast

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