Brewing a Kolsch – Grain to Glass

In this video, I brew, ferment, and taste a German Kolsch style ale using the Brew in a Bag (BIAB) method. This is one of my first attempts at documenting my brewing process so please forgive the poorly framed shots and the rambling. The beer turned out slightly higher in alcohol than intended but still tasted wonderful and was a real pleaser, still tasting very similar to classic examples of a German Kolsch. 6.7% ABV, 20 IBUs.

One thing I didn’t quite explain fully in the video was the fermentation profile for this beer: Complete primary fermentation at 60 degrees F, slowly warm up to about 70 F for three days and then lager (cold store) as close to 34 F as possible for a month before bottling.

The recipe is below:

8 lb pilsner malt
0.75 lb Vienna malt

1 oz Hallertau 90 min
1 oz Saaz 5 min

Wyeast 2575/US-05 Yeast

Mash at 149 F


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