Brewing Beer: Blackberry Porter Homebrew – Part 1

Our Brew Setup:

In this episode we brew a batch of blackberry porter beer. Brewing with fruit is best done when the ingredients are fresh so we made sure to pick these berries ourselves. We’ve never brewed this particular recipe, and are definitely charting new territory. Ahh, the adventures of homebrewing.

The abridged recipe is below. The entire recipe is here:

The base for the beer is actually a “robust” Baltic porter. We used Pale Malt, Maris Otter, Crystal 60, Crystal 120, Chocolate Malt, Carafa II, and Melanoiden Malt. We mashed at 152. Our estimated pre-boil gravity was 1.054. We added Columbus hops at the boil (60 minutes), Whirlfloc at 15 minutes, and Willamette at 15 minutes as well.

We added an English Ale yeast (White Labs WLP002) and fermented in the high 60’s during primary. We’ll do a secondary and add the blackberries as well.

Joakim Karud


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