Brewing Beer: Sour Pumpkin Ale Homebrew – Part 1

Our Brew Setup:

We’re making a sour pumpkin beer for halloween. It’s a total gamble at this point, but we’re excited anyway. The reason is that we’ve never made A.) a pumpkin beer, or B.) a sour beer. So we thought, why not go big and check both off the list at once.
We’re pretty confident in the souring process and very confident that the pumpkin beer recipe is good. We’re not positive that they’ll go well together. But how else will we find out if we don’t try it ourselves?
The souring process is pretty straightforward.
1. Clean everything thoroughly.
2. Mash like normal.
3. Mash out and bring to a boil for 15 minutes.
4. Cool back down to souring temperature and adjust pH downward with lactic acid (to roughly 4.3).
5. Add lactose bacteria
6. Cover and let it sit for several days (until pH has dropped to 3.4)
7. Resume brew day like normal (boil, add hops, etc.).
This video covers steps 1-7. We’ll finish the rest of the brew day in the next video and of course will follow it up with a tasting video.
As always, we’re using Clawhammer’s Brew in a Bag (BIAB) Digital brewing system. It can be found on their website.


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