Brewing Recipe Calculator Template 2.0 Update: Overview, Deep Dive, & Walkthrough Example

The latest version of my home brewing recipe calculator spreadsheet is now available for download at the link below. This new version now has support for both US Customary (English) and Metric units along with a number of additional enhancements to make your brewing experience even better and allow you to make more consistent batches of beer.

0:00 – Opening Statement and Introduction
0:47 – Overview of Enhancements & Other Changes
2:53 – Deep Dive – Instructions Tab
3:34 – Deep Dive – Recipe Sheet Tab
10:50 – Deep Dive – Brewhouse Setup & Calcs Tab
16:36 – Deep Dive – Grain & Sugar Calcs Tab
19:00 – Deep Dive – Hops Calcs Tab
21:25 – Deep Dive – The List Tabs (Grain, Sugar, Hops, Yeast, Beer Category & Style)
25:28 – Walkthrough Example of Building a Recipe
42:05 – Video & Template Summary

Brewing Recipe Calculator Template:

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