Can Homebrew Kill You? (Dangers of homebrewing wine, cider and mead) Info for 2020

Homebrew wine cider and mead can kill you? Well, some people think so. Some people also think the earth is flat. Today we talk about some of the myths and misinformation and some of the current events that lead people to believe. It’s murky waters out there today to find out the truth about homebrewing. Many will say it’s deadly, many will say the opposite. Those that say it’s deadly are either misinformed or trying to sell something. Homewbrew is not DISTILLATION. That’s a whole other animal and CAN be dangerous if not done properly. Well, certainly anything CAN be dangerous if not done properly. I’ve actually heard of people adding rubbing alcohol, gasoline, turpentine and other crazy things to their brews in an effort to boost the power of it. Don’t do these things, as they are EXTREMEMELY toxic. If you wouldn’t drink it or eat it, don’t put it in your brew. It’s that simple.
Another major issue with homebrew is sanitation. If you don’t keep things clean, you can get bacterial infections that are hard to identify or notice that CAN be dangerous. It’s very rare though, to be honest. So stay clean, sanitize your stuff, and you’ll be fine.
If homebrew was so dangerous, we’d hear a lot more stories about people dying from it. Millions of people around the world make wine, cider, mead and beer at home, yet in the last 10 years or so, I’ve only heard of a handful of reports of major issues from doing it, and EVERY ONE did something stupid.
Home brewing of wine, cider and mead is safe.
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