Cheap Home Brew Beer Equipment – By The Laundry Brewer

Here I show my Laundry Home Brew set up that I built and use to make awesome beers. It is not a Grainfather clone or anything like that, but it works and is easy to use and clean. The pot costs around eighty dollars, the pump around sixty five dollars, the grain basket cost nineteen dollars with three dollars for the mesh. The element cost thirty five dollars and sundry parts such as hoses and taps come to about thirty dollars. The heat controller from eBay to my door was thirty eight dollars.

Each time I make an all grain brew I can get in the vicinity of 21 to 30 litres of wort that makes awesome beer. With the cost of craft beer in Australia running around $60 to $90 a carton of 24 times 330 ml bottles I save money by brewing my own. The equipment will one day pay for itself and be free meaning cheaper beer for me.

My family and friends taste the beer and they all say how well it tastes and that they would drink and buy that. So with basic equipment as I have shown you here and with you watching YouTube videos on all grain brewing, brew in a bag or stove top brewing you will learn very quickly how to make your own delicious beer.

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