Coopers Cascade Red IPA – Homebrew Brew Day

Spur of the moment homebrew using some left over ingredients.

Recipe for 9.5 Litres

Coopers Lager Can – 1.7kgs
Crystal Malt (Medium 90-110 EBC) – 150gms
Carapils – 100gms
Red Back Malt (optional) – 100gms (This only affects the colour)
20gms Cascade (steeped in 500mls boiled water for 10 mins, then added to
50gms Cascade (dry hop in fermenter for last 5 days)
US-05 ale yeast
OG = 1.064 FG (estimate) = 1.018 Approx ABV = 6.7% IBU = 70

Note: If making this recipe up to 23 Litre volume, use either 2 x Lager cans or 1
can + 1kg of DME + multiply grains and hops by factor of 2.5


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