Coopers “Celebration Ale” Homebrew Beer – Taste Test and Recipe

“Coopers Celebration Ale” – A clone of the beer made by Coopers Brewery to celebrate their 150th Anniversary


1. Coopers Australian Pale Ale Kit (or could use Real Ale or Draught Kit)
2. 500gms DME (dry malt extract)
3. 100gms Maltodextrin (helps with mouthfeel and head retention)
4. 250gms Dextrose
4. 100gms of Crystal Malt (gives beer more body and character)
5. 25gms of Nelson Sauvin + 25gms of Centennial Hops
6. US-05 yeast (didn’t use the kit yeast)


Add Crystal Malt to 1 litre of boiling water. Remove from heat and allow to steep for 30 mins with lid on then pass liquid through sieve. Then add DME, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, Kit Can. Dissolve everything, then add to fermenter and top with cold water to 23 Litre mark. Added hops in cheese cloth (with weight) at start of fermentation and finally sprinkled yeast on top of wort and gently stirred in. Transferred from fermentation barrel to Rotokeg pressure barrel after 5 days (removed cheese cloth with hops in and discarded) and then conditioned in garage for 2 weeks before putting in fridge (If you are not using the pressure barrel, leave in fermentation barrel for 2 weeks and then bottle). Very nice, lots of tropical fruit aroma/flavour

ABV 4.5%

Link to original recipe on Coopers Website –


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