Coopers Real Ale Homebrew Beer – 5.6% Taste Test and Recipe

This is my attempt at a good all round Ale homebrew. Very happy with the results. Please ask if you have any questions. Cheers (RECIPE BELOW)


1.7kg Coopers Real Ale Kit
500gms Light Amber Dry Malt Extract
100gms Maltodextrin
15gms Cascade Hops (steeped in 500mls of boilding water and added to fermentor)

Boiled 1 Litre of water on stove and added Coopers Real Ale kit and DME. After about 15 minutes added to fermentor and poured in additional cold water up to 15 litre mark. Mixed well and added rehydrated yeast (i.e yeast floated on coffee cup of 40C water for 10mins) and finally Cascade hop bag and the water it was steeped in. Fermented for 2 weeks and then bottle for a further 4+ weeks before drinking.


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