Coopers Real Galaxy Ale Homebrew Beer – Made with additional Hops, DME and Crystal Malt

How to make what I’m calling a “Coopers Real Galaxy Ale”. As the base I’m using a Coopers Real Ale Kit. To that I’m adding 1kg of Dry Malt Extract, 100gms of Crystal Malt, 100gms of Maltodextrin, 50gms of Galaxy Hops (or subsitute Cascade or Amarillo) (update: I only dry hop for the last 4-5 days of fermentation. This reduces the risk of any grassiness from the hops and minimizes the amount of hop aroma escaping through the airlock) and replacing the kit yeast with a Safale US-05 ale yeast. It’s been made to 23 Litres. I’ll ferment for 5 days and then transfer to my Rotokeg Pressure Barrel and ferment for a further 2 weeks beforing moving it to the fridge ready for drinking. Any questions, please ask and if you like my channel please subscribe.

Link to finished product –

Beer Kit

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