Coopers Toucan (2 can) Real Ale Homebrew Beer – Taste Test and Recipe – 5.1% ABV

Coopers Toucan (2 can) Real Ale

(Recipe at the bottom)

My good friend Carl brewed this very tasty beer and asked if I could do a video review.
If you have already tried brewing a Coopers Real Ale kit, I highly recommend trying this out. By doubling the ingredients, you end up with a full bodied, malty and most importantly a very satisfying and enjoyable beer to drink.

Here is Carl’s recipe:

2 x Coopers Real Ale cans
1 x 50gm of Wakatu or Hallertau hops (for flavour and aroma)
1 x kit yeast (don’t use both packs or you’ll end up with too much yeast)

Dissolve the 2 cans of Coopers Real Ale in fermenter and top to 23 litres with cold water. Aerate wort and pitch 1 packet of yeast. In the final 3 days add hops (tied in muslin cloth) for flavour and aroma.

Bottle once fermentation is complete (at least a week), condition in bottles for at least 2-3 weeks and then enjoy! This brew came in at 5.1% ABV


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