Creating Your Own Malt Extract Homebrew Recipes

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Please Note: The videos in this section reference downloadable guides “below this video” – please note that’s because these videos originally appeared in the paid membership area of HomeBrewVideos.

These guides are now available completely for free at, and once the site is ready I will add the link to each respective guide below each corresponding video here on YouTube.

In this video I give an overview for the Recipes section where I show you how to design your own homebrew recipes for malt extract brewing (that will soon be ready on This includes links to free downloadable recipe guides.

All of these videos are from my original website Home Brew Videos, which has now grown into our new website Lots Of Head. Please note this was the first series of videos I shot, so the equipment was pretty crappy and my lighting isn’t great, but the quality improved greatly in later videos.

You can view every single video of this series and hundreds more just like it, at – Our 100% Free, Kick-Ass Craft Beer And Brewing Community!


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