Critical Steps Need To Serve Beer From a Keg

How Do You Serve Beer from a Keg?

There is no doubt that beer is great. This is something that many people can agree on, especially beer enthusiasts.

Either you are cracking open a can or bottle or serving a beer in a keg, and it is always a refreshing experience.

You have to admit that there is nothing better than a freshly poured pint of your favorite beer.

How do you serve beer from a keg? When it comes to serving a beer in a keg, the most important thing to consider is to keep it well iced at all costs. When you are not pouring any beer, put the tap and line in ice.

You will learn more about serving beer in the keg in this article, as well as how much beer you need.

You will also learn the equipment necessary to serve a good amount of beer along with the common mistakes that people make when handling beer kegs.

The Quantity of Beer You Need

When you serve beers in a keg, there are so many things to consider, one of which is how much you need at your party. The quantity of beers you need depends on a few primary factors.

The first one is how many people will be at your party. You should also consider the number of people allowed to drink and how long the party will be.

Also, you should take into consideration whether beer is the primary alcoholic beverage at your party.

If so, you can assume that your beer-drinking guest will consume at least 2 glasses of beer for the first hour. Then it will increase to 1 glass of beer after each hour. This is just based on a 12-ounce glass.

If you are looking for a standard keg, the standard full-size keg in the United States is called a ½ barrel keg. If a real barrel of beer consists of 31 gallons, a keg would have 15.5 gallons of beer.

A pony keg, which is approximately ¼ barrel, can hold up to 7.5 gallons of beer.

Doing the math here, if you happen to have 12-ounce cups, then you are most likely will be able to serve 165 cups of a standard keg and 80 cups for a pony keg.

The Equipment You Need

If you are considering a long party, you need to think about equipment that can help the party succeed. If this is some kind of a once-in-a-lifetime event, or if you routinely serve beer at parties, you need to cover at least two essential factors.

The first is to make sure that you keep the beer cold, and the second is to find a way to dispense the beer out of your keg.

Tapping Your Party Keg

If your party is less than 8 hours and serving beer is a typical once-in-a-lifetime event, then you might need to get yourself a party pump. A party pump is ideal for dispensing beer out of the keg.

Once the air is introduced in the keg, you have about 8 to 12 hours before your beer becomes stale or flat.

This is because a party pump is responsible for pumping air from the outside into the keg to pressurize the contents. For this reason, you will be able to dispense beer.

Another thing to consider is when you plan to drink from your keg for 2 days or more. For this particular matter, you need to use a portable beer dispensing system that uses CO2 gas to tap the beer out of the keg.

As long as you keep your beer cold, if you plan to use this kind of dispensing technique, you have 45 days or more before your beer starts to taste stale.

There is an available party pump when you purchase your keg at your local distributors or breweries.

You just need to put a deposit on the pump. If you are more concerned with cleanliness, you may want to purchase a brand new one.

This is because bacteria can form inside a party pump, and it is hard to know if the business you are renting the pump from has cleaned it properly since the last party.

Keeping Your Party Keg Cold

Keeping your keg of beer cold can be quite difficult to manage. Just like the tap, the equipment you need will always be dependent on whether it is a one-time event or a frequent occasion.

For a one-time event, you can rent a keg tub or an insulated blanket to keep your beer cold.

When serving beer in a keg, you need to constantly use ice, and when you are not pouring beer, place the tap and line into the ice as well.

You must keep your keg well-iced throughout the party. If you are outside, make sure to put the keg in the shade. The recommended temperature to keep your beer is 35 – 38 degrees Fahrenheit.

The taste and quality of the beer can suffer if the temperature rises above the recommended temp. You can also lose the beer as it becomes foamier.

On the other hand, if you plan to have frequent beer parties or own a catering events business, you might want to look at portable beer dispensing systems.

This can be in the form of a portable kegerator that will require electricity or a portable beer coil cooler box system.

One jockey box can fit up to 4 taps so that you can serve multiple selections of beers.

Purchasing a Beer Keg and Tap

Purchasing a beer keg and tap will always depend on state and local regulations. You can purchase kegs from your local bars, restaurants, and even craft pubs in some states.

Some states offer kegged beers at liquor stores and grocery stores, and you can expect to buy a keg from a wholesale beer distributor.

If you are not familiar with the state laws and regulations, you can Google them or call breweries in your area.

Purchasing a beer keg and tap is not cheap in general. Aside from the beer keg’s price, you also need to put on deposit on the keg.

This is because the keg needs to go back, and the money you deposit will be enough for you to bring it back.

The price range of deposits and charge rates can vary depending on the state you are in, but generally, they ask for $100 and around $20 for a tap and keg bucket charge.

The keg price really depends on the brand of beer and the overall size of the keg. It can range from $55 to over $100 for a pony or sixth barrel keg.

For the standard half-barrel keg, you should plan to spend at least $80 up to $175.

As always, the brand will be the determining factor. Craft beer, while it can be delicious, can also be quite expensive.

If you plan to rent a tab or a keg tub, usually, all places where you buy kegs have them. In some cases, they add a charge for the tap and tub. Aside from that, they will ask for a deposit.

This is the reason why it is better to have them on your own and buy them, especially if you are the type of person with many parties in your house.

Common Mistakes With Beer Kegs

If you have never tapped a keg before, you should ask how to do it when you pick it up. This way, they will be able to show you how to do it in the right way.

When you get it, you must let it sit for at least an hour before you try and tap it. Two hours is even better because tapping a keg that is moved around is similar to opening a bottle of beer that has been shaken.

While many people do this wrong, if you follow these steps, you will be able to do it right.

And when you do it right, you will be able to taste the beer better. The quality is worth what you are paying for.


Having a beer keg at your party is a convenient way to make sure that everyone has fun. However, observing the right way to serve beer in a keg will make the experience better.

Serving beer kegs is not hard at all if you know the proper way to do so. Among the things that you should remember when serving beer kegs are to keep the keg cold and ensure that when you are not pouring beer, the tap and line are placed in ice.


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