Cyser? Hazy Honey Cider? Apple Flavored Mead? – We Brew, You Decide

Apples and honey are a great combination, that’s why we decided to make Honey Cider. Honey Cider is just like regular hard cider except with honey added to it in order to make a sweeter and higher ABV drink. We start making this cider by visiting our local apple orchard where we pick fresh apples and shot some apple guns (just like potato guns except for apples). We got our honey fresh from a real honeycomb and we use some non-conventional methods to get the honey off it. Watch this video all the way through to learn how to make Honey Cider yourself at home. Overall, Honey Cider is a perfect fall beverage that’s great to share with friends and drink next to a warm fire, you could even pair it with some grilled burgers or a healthy salad – up to you!

Brewing Equipment:

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