Developing Recipe for Pilsner

This week we taste John’s latest lager, a Czech style Pilsner. This beer is off to a good start. Solid recipe and good yeast choice. We discuss the effect of John’s water profile choice and his yeast prep efforts.

Basic Recipe:
5 Gallon Batch
1.054 OG

12lbs Pilsner
0.75lb CaraPils

1.65oz Saaz 60min
2.0oz Saaz 30min
1oz Saaz 10min
1oz Saaz 0min

150F Mash, 60min
Distilled Water:5g Gypsum, 5g Calcium Chloride, 1gm Baking Soda
Salts added to 4 gallon mash

WLP800 (2packs, 2X2L starters)
50F fermentation with 65F diacetyl rest finish.


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