DIY Beer: Cooper’s Brew Kit: First Time Ever Brewing Lager Beer From Start to Finish

What a fun hobby this is to get into. In this DIY Beer: Cooper’s Brew Kit, this video shows my first time ever brewing this super easy, no boil, lager beer from start to finish. II take you through every single step of the process of making beer right in your home. Again, no boiling. What? Yup that’s right, just add the ingredients and wait. I was extremely surprised and happy with the results. This DIY Beer kit is perfect for the beginning brewer. Actually it’s perfect for an advanced brewer looking to make a tasty lager. The nice thing about this is that it comes with everything you need to make a nice batch. I mean everything. The steps involve nothing more than adding the ingredients, then waiting for a little bit, then bottle, wait a little bit longer, then it’s beer time. This beer was good to go after just a couple weeks but to tell you the truth, after letting much of it sit on the shelf for a couple more months, it was absolutely outstanding. There’s a saying I’m hearing and reading about amongst home brewers and that is “If you think you made bad beer, just give it another week”. So you can almost never go wrong if you stay within some given parameters.
Three easy steps are as follows:

1. Mix Fermentables
2. Brew for 2 weeks (for best results)
3. Bottle 2 weeks minimum (also for best results)

Here’s the link to this same kit:

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Beer Kit

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