Don’t Mix These Types Of Alcohols Or This Will Happen

Mixxing Alcohol

If you drink alcohol, you are probably aware of different alcoholic beverages, and you notice some have different alcohol content than others. There are light ones and darker ones depend on how it will hit you hard the next day.

It is essential to know so you can expect which one should be mixed and which isn’t the best one to drink in one night.

What alcohol should not be mixed? Beer and wine are one great examples of alcohol that you should not mix or even take in one night. Beer and tequila are also another you should be skipping during your night out. It might leave you feeling sick, and you will regret it the next day.

In this article, you will find some horrible alcohol combinations that you should not partake in or drink when you go out with your friends during your night out. It is also essential to know the difference between light alcohol and dark ones.

Seven Horrible Alcohol Combinations

Mixing alcohol is never a good idea for alcoholic beverages, and they always lead to disastrous mornings in the next day to come.

Regardless of your alcohol tolerance, these seven combinations should never be in your stomach during a great night out. Here are some of the horrible alcohol combinations you should definitely cross out of your menu

Beer And Wine

If you happen to ditch the liquor for the night, this doesn’t automatically spare you for the hangover the next day.

You need to stick to beer or wine as both of these alcohols are known for being terrible to almost any kind of drink you would gulp down next. Otherwise, you will only find yourself sleeping through your alarm clock the next day.

Red Wine And No Food

The following horrible combination is red wine and no food. It might not be another alcohol per se, but this is actually bad.

If you have a sensitive personality and have a sensitive stomach, you need to order food or have something in your stomach before drinking wine. The viscous compound found in red wine called tannins can screw our bell for the whole evening.

As a result, you will only have an upset stomach the entire night. One good option is to eat something before going out for a red wine trip. Just remember that the darker the wine is, the more tannins it will possess.

Beer And Tequila

Tequila is pretty hard alcohol that can give you a pretty bad hangover the next day. But adding beer as a chaser will further complicate things for you.

This combination of alcoholic beverages best reflects the balance in nature. Yes, you have great fun in the evening, but the payoff will be in the morning. It is an ongoing dilemma of all drinkers whether that was worth it.

Beer, Cigarettes, And No Food

This combination is probably the worst beer combination as it holds the world record for bringing you the worst headache. It is especially true if the beer is strong.

When you spend several hours without letting go of the beer and your cigarette, you’ll have your head scattered before the evening ends. The solution to fighting those headaches has at least something to eat; otherwise, you will face its wrath the following day.

Beer And Vodka

These combinations can create a guaranteed hangover, and it will also waste you in no time. It is not good to mix beer with anything, but this is especially true when you drink vodka.

Just limit taking this combination and resort to this combo only when you want a swift intoxication and do not care about anything the next day.

Anise Drink With Mint Liqueur

Anise drink with mint liquor is also known as Creme De Menthe, and it is one of the strongest combinations on this list. Unless you want to wake up with dehydration and with a head cut in half, this is a big no-no. In general, sweet drinks go hand in hand when it comes to hangovers, and having mint liquor may contain artificial coloring and flavorings. All these factors will guarantee you that your next morning won’t be better than your green excrement.

Red Wine And Vodka

Last but not least is the combination of red wine and vodka, and this combination of alcoholic drinks is so bad that it has entered some anecdotes as a synonym of any disaster.

As mentioned before, red wine has tannins that can irritate your stomach and drain the water out of your organism. Vodka, on the other hand, might not seem to take any measure against this.

For instance, take the cocktail with red wine and vodka, Brutal Hammer. You need to mix 150g of red wine and 200g of vodka in a large container in an online recipe.

This combination is so strong and so bad that you need to cancel everything you have the following day if you want to go for this.

Light Alcohol

Knowing what alcohol can help avoid the worst alcohol combination. Alcohol is produced through a fermentation process. This fermentation can result in compounds called congeners.

When you are going out for a drink at night, and you feel sick the following day, this compound is the one responsible for it. The good news is that light alcohol contains fewer congeners compared to dark ones.

If you want to enjoy some alcoholic beverages but cannot bear the heavy hangover that will come after that, go for light alcohol. Light alcohol can be white wine, white rum, vodka, or even gin.

Congener is impurities in alcohol that contribute to the taste overall. Aside from that, there is also another impurity in the alcohol, which is the allergens.

Impurities allegedly play the part of allergies contributing to an individual. Since the level of impurities found in light alcohol is lower than in dark alcohol, many experts believe that light alcohol does not trigger any allergies.

Dark Alcohol

Meanwhile, dark alcohol undergoes a different kind of process compared to light alcohol. It passes through the fermentation method, and during this process, some impurities are being formed.

One of them is the congeners, and this is what makes dark alcohol rich in taste. Having a clear liquor is not a result of fermentation, and it is the result of a filter process that removes the impurities.

Having a hangover is brought to you by the congener, and the exact congener responsible for that is the methanol.

Methanol can break down toxins from formaldehyde and formic acid. Both of these compounds can make you have a terrible hangover. The taste is way different than light ones, it is better, but you can expect to have the worst hangover.

A study to back this data compares people who drink the same amount of dark alcohol like bourbon and light alcohol like vodka.

It only shows that there are differences in the after-effects of both drinks. 3% of vodka drinkers had pain the next day, while a staggering 33% of bourbon drinkers said they got the subsequent day pain.

Now that you are aware of congeners in dark alcohol, some are the cause of a hangover, and some are believed to be toxic.

Acetaldehyde is one of the toxic congeners, and this is the result of ethanol metabolism that many experts claim to be more harmful than the alcohol itself.

Reason Why Mixing Alcohol Makes You Sick

You might have heard it from your friends, you heard it from your mom, or you might have heard it from people all over you, do not mix alcohols.

If you want to get wine drunk, stick to wine and if you’re going to start chugging Natty at a frat party, go ahead, don’t start taking tequila shots after, or you will only regret it.

There is a notion that mixing alcohol, like drinking vodka, beer, wine, and rum, is terrible. It is essentially true as there are different explanations behind it, as most experts mention that what matters most is how much alcohol you consume.

Evidence For The Health Claim

There are beliefs about the drinking sequence that can stem from the rate at which your body will process all of these alcohols.

The liver can only efficiently process one standard-sized alcohol beverage in an hour. 12 oz of beer, 5 oz of wine, and one shot of hard liquor are considered equivalent in their alcohol content.

Drinking liquor before beer, you are most likely to feel the effects of the alcohol sooner than later. How much alcohol level you have in your blood can rise more quickly after drinking liquor than drinking beer.

As a result, this may encourage you not to drink more, and it will decrease the chances of getting sick from overdoing it.

Drinking beer before any liquor, on the other hand, may make you feel ill since having had little or no immediate effects from beer.

Some people ended up consuming higher concentrations of alcohol by either mixing more potent alcohol or taking shots.

Some believe that this is because beer is considered carbonated, and it can irritate the lining of the stomal and absorb it more quickly.

If beer is absorbed quicker because it is carbonated, then adding wine or any hard liquor may lead to a degree of intoxication.

A more scientific explanation for it is that different types of alcohol contain different amounts of compounds called congeners.

Drinks that contain high amounts of congeners can increase the symptoms of hangovers. If you want to try out fewer congeners, try drinking white wine, gin, or vodka instead of the harder drinks like red wine, brandy, and whiskey.

Evidence Against The Health Claim

There is no conclusive evidence supporting or even rejecting these claims about the ill effects of mixing different alcohols.

The amount of alcohol consumed at a specific time largely determines how drunk you can be and how sick you can be in the following day.

It is actually the rate at which alcohol is consumed that largely determines the degree of drunkenness and sickness in the following day.

The tendency to drink liquor like mixed drinks or shots is faster than the beer results in quicker intoxication. In addition to that, although switching from one liquor to another, beer is likely to decrease alcohol consumption.

While on the other hand, switching from beer to liquor will increase it as it is a higher amount that is crucial as the contributing factor.

Biggest Myths About Alcohol

Whether your actual goal is to limit your calorie intake, prevent a hangover, or throw caution to the with for an all-out night party, many people follow a set of time-honored rules.

It helps them to get through the night of drinking with limited consequences the following day. While each may start from a kernel of truth or logic, there are no proper rules to live by. Here are among the biggest myths about alcohol:

The Combination Of Alcohol And Energy Drink Makes You Drunker

It’s not true. Having a combination of alcohol-induced beverages and energy drinks can be pretty easy to achieve, but you need to know its repercussions. But the caffeine in many energy drinks does not actually intensify your drunkenness.

Caffeine masks the sedative effects of many alcohols that often cue people to stop drinking. As a result, you will be tricked into thinking you have more energy than you actually do.

You need to know that energy drinks alter the perception of how intoxicated you really are but have no physiological effect on how tequila affects people.

It can only lead you to continue drinking when otherwise you should probably be calling it a night. As a result, it can lead to negative consequences such as getting too drunk or having a terrible hangover the following day.

There is one exception though, mixing alcohol with diet soda may actually increase your intoxication.

It is not because of its caffeine content but because diet mixers appear to increase the rate of alcohol absorption. Besides, drinking too much can’t be solely blamed on energy drinks, but it is best to steer clear out of this combo.

If you do that, you can stay aware of your limits and avoid any possible adverse effects due to drinking too much alcohol or too much caffeine.

Beer Before Liquor, Liquor Before Beer Saying

It is a reigning belief that beer is considered a softer drink that can’t cause you any drunkenness as quickly as vodka. Then switching to hard liquor after a few beers can make the feeling come on too fast. After having that kind of routine, it can only result in vomit or, as the myth goes.

So if you think about it, starting with the hard stuff and then slowing down with beer should prevent any spinning feeling and drunkenness. But the answer to that is not so much.

According to the alcohol consumer education group, the amount of alcohol you drink and the time you drink it matters more than the type of drink you consume or how you mix them.

Always remember that drinking too much alcohol too quickly can make you sick. It is regardless if you drink wine, beer, or any hard liquor. No matter what you are drinking, packing will always be the key to controlling your drunkness.

Darker Alcohols Are Always Healthier

Wines and darker beers generally have more antioxidants compared to light beer and white wines. The darker hues are considered to signify higher flavonoid content in beer and higher polyphenol content in wines.

For this reason, many people conclude that they have more nutritional value and therefore drinking lots of this can make them more healthy.

As a matter of fact, while darker alcohols contain many antioxidants, they can also contain more congeners. These are toxic chemicals created during their fermentation process, resulting in the worst hangover when you have too much of it.

It goes to many beer, wine, rum, whiskey, gold tequila, and pretty much everything with a darker hue. If you need to avoid being soggy the next day, then you might want to consider switching to some lighter versions of these drinks.


To summarize, there are many combinations that you should avoid when it comes to alcohol. Beer partnered with any other alcohol is never a good idea, especially if paired with red wine and tequila.

Before drinking any alcoholic drink, always remember that drinking moderately is the key as your liver can only accommodate small quantities.

For this reason, finding the difference between light alcohol and dark alcohol is significant. It will allow you to know what to expect the next day. Prioritize your health over the one-time satisfaction that these kinds of beverages can bring.


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