Doppelbock Style Home Brew Recipe

Here is a Dopplebock beer kit: or My RECIPE Below is for a rich Malty Doppelbock style homebrew, and yes it taste just like Spaten Optimator and Paulaner Salvator so it may not be like your Dopplebock recipe but the end result is exactly like Paulaner and Spaten…
Recipe is for 5 gallon batch using 4 gallons of water and ingredients.

2 lbs of unmilled Crystal 40
1 lb of unmilled Munich
Roasted those grains for hour and half at 250°
Steeped at 167° for 20 miutes but left in whole 60 min boil (keep Stirring)
4 oz of Milled Chocolate malt – should of grinded a little more
2 – 12oz Jars of Molasses
7 lbs of Pilsen LME
Boiled at 212° for 60 minutes adding the hops below. (Never Stop Stirring)
1/2 oz of Saaz hops at 60 minutes for Bittering
1/2 oz of Saaz hops at 30 minutes for Flavoring
1/2 oz of Hallertau at 15 minutes for Aroma

Whirlfock tablet at 10 miutes before end of boil
chilled to 75° with wort chiiler
Aeration for 10 minutes with aeration pump

Pitched Nottingham Yeast

Fermented at 58-62° for 2 weeks

Original Gravity 1.092 Final Gravity 1.020 9.4% Alcohol

Filtered with 30 Micron Filter

used 4 oz of dextrose in a 1/2 cup of water for priming (7g of dextrose per liter of homebrew)

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