Double Chocolate Stout Homebrew Beer – Full Extract with Grains – Brew Day

Double Chocolate Stout based on a clone recipe for Young’s Double Chocolate Stout.
This is a full extract recipe using steeped Crystal and Chocolate Malt, along with Lactose for sweetness and Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Nibs and Pure Chocolate Extract added for that extra chocolate kick. Fuggles hops are used for bittering.

Hope you enjoy. Recipe below is for a small batch brew (1.2 gallons or 6.5 litres):

500gms Light Dry Malt Extract
150gms Chocolate Malt
125gms Crystal Malt
100gms Lactose
50gms Dextrose (to bump ABV to around 5%(
50gms Cocoa Powder
10gms Cacao Nibs (not the 50gms I mention in the video. My mistake)
15gms Fuggles Hops (for bittering)
0.5ml Pure Chocolate Extract added to each 750ml bottle.
OG: 1.050


1. Steep Crystal and Choc Malt in 1.5L of boiled water for 30 mins (lid on pot)
2. Sieve into a large pot containing 2L of cold water with dissolved DME, Lactose and Dextrose. Bring to boil and add Fuggles hops. Boil for 30 mins
3. Add Cocoa powder (dissolved in hot water) and boil for a further 15 mins (45 mins total)
4. Cool pot in cold water bath until temperature drops, then sieve into barrel.
5. Fill barrel to 6.5L mark with cold water and aerate wort with spoon or whisk.
6. Pitch yeast and add Cocoa Nibs (enclosed in muslin bag)
7. Fit lid and airlock and ferment at close to 20C for at least a week.
8. Once fermentation complete, bottle with 0.5ml of Chocolate Extract and condition for a couple of weeks at room temperature.
9. Serve at around 10C and enjoy.


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