Easy Beginner All Grain Brewing – Minimal Equipment

A quick, easy and simple all grain brew day. I wanted to get a quick all grain brew done mid week after work without spending 4-5 hours on a full brew with lots of cleaning up at the end. Hopefully you’ll see you only need a minimum amount of equipment and time to get started on your all grain brewing journey.

Basic Equupment:
1 x boiler/urn or large SS stockpot
1 x fermenter
1 x grain bag
1 x large spoon for stirring mash
1 x thermometer
1 x colander / sieve
1 x scales (for weighing hops etc)

Example Recipe (7L batch) scale up for larger size

30 min mash and boil
66-67C mash temp

1kg Vienna Malt (66%)
0.5kg Wheat Malt (33%)
100gms 12.2% alpha acid Azacca hops
20gms @ 5 mins (20IBU)
30gms @ 0 mins (approx 20 IBU) 20 min 100C hop stand
50gms 3-4 day dry hop
US05 yeast
Ferment at 18C then raise to 20-21C gradually once you reach a gravity of 1.030 or 50% attenuation. Once gravity is stable you can keg or bottle the beer. Cheers

Bottle / keg and enjoy!


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