Easy Home Brewing – All Grain on the Stove

Many years ago, I started brewing beer due to high prices for commercial beer. I was, and still do, brewing to save money. Within the last few years, and thanks to a great brewing community on YouTube, I’ve started looking at brewing as more of a hobby. I still brew to save money, and one thing that held me back from All Grain brewing was the cost of the equipment needed to do a full 5 gallon batch. Well, thanks to some very kind folks, some things were given to me, and with a little creativity, I figured out a way to do a full All Grain batch in the kitchen on a standard electric stove. This is my first All Grain experience and I’m using this setup for the first time, so it may seem like I’m being a little cautious. Once I get more used to my equipment, I’ll be able to relax a little more. Cheers!

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