Easy Pale Ale | How to brew

This Pale Ale checks both of the brewing beer “easy” options: it’s easy to make and easy to drink. Using four hops but in small amounts, this came out as a balanced and enjoyable Pale Ale.

Recipe for a 5 gallon batch:
9lbs 2-row American Pale Malt
1lbs Carapils
1lbs Caramel 10
0.5oz Magnum (60 mins)
0.5oz Cascade (10 mins)
0.5oz Eldorado (10 mins)
0.5oz Amarillo (0 mins)
Wyeast 1099 Whitbread Ale yeast

0.5oz Amarillo (dry hop)
0.5oz Eldorado (dry hop)

Mash @153F for 60 mins
60 minute boil following hop schedule


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