Electric Brew in a Basket eBIAB

The controller is the wort hog EBC-130 from High Gravity. Check them out they’re awesome! I made some modifications but you can’t beat their prices and quality. Great homebrewing setup.


Ss Brewtech 20 gal pot
blichmann boilcoil 5000W
Whirlpool arm
Utah Biodiesel 400 micron grain basket

Note, when I showed the recirculation whirl pool, the pumps valve was about 3/4 closed so the whirlpool action was nowhere near as strong as the Riptide can do.

Also I’m pretty buzzed on homebrew when I made this so I talked a bit too much ha! Sorry.

Okay guys, I just go to show you all view my electric ring system, here’s my controller, it’s running a 5000-watt element in this speech, this is a 20-gallon protective got the Glickman rip tide, pump recirculating. Creating a role pool.

I’ve already mashed “this is my grain basket, it’s from Utah by a diesel and make amazing all stainless steel mesh. This is a 400 micron taste, here’s a port that is on top, that during the mastery circulation, it sprays down into the green bed.

Now here is I’m coming up to boil right now is only at 205, but I placed this spider copier the in here for my hop editions, and it’s a little hot, but you can see here it sits, on a pulse bottom down here, and you can kind… So I re-circulating ’cause I’ve got it in a world polo, a world polar down here, so it’s basically gonna be recirculating the whole entire time until it starts boil and then I’m just gonna turn this guy off and I’m just kinda getting a researching at the moment.

No, I alternate.

So it’s starting to come to boil all my hop editions and I’m doing… How “biscoe and this one I’m gonna ask in My ISIS flowers in here as well.

It’s all electric I’m doing 2-40 from the wall I put in myself I tapped it into my water here, which is right there. You can see how I tapped in. I turned off the water here when I do it by the way, let me those babies. Oh, good ideas.

So this is… It’s a nice stuff, man. I really like what I’ve done. I’ve actually made a rail system, this is a unit DR, I’m not an AMA ceiling right and I put in a role with a hoist so when I pull out the grain bed, the grains, which are in this after mashing it it’s full of that right here.Tool of greens.

I can lift it up, and then I slide it over and I lower it down into my sink and this is my sin, I’ve got set up, as you can see, I’ve got it.

I just tapped into a water. Or they get there was on the outside of the… As you can see right here.

And I just put a drain.

He was the water spiked line that I tapped into he there it is, I just put it straight to the wall just trains into my grass.

Yeah, it’s about it, Matt.

It’s been served me really well. I really like it.

Highly suggest switching to electric if you’ve got it.

Because man here in self-Texas, it is a when you be in the summertime with a flame going in your garage. So anyways, I hope you all enjoy the video. Hope maybe I’ve expired some people.

If you have any questions, shoot me a comment below, and I’ll be totally freaking cool with answer. No, then you got this. My grandkids by the way, a mile all on grain I’ve got a serial killer and it is just the stainless table at I kind of bolt into the wall as well, so I tell you what, you’ve got a garage with some space and this is the way to go to don’t even think about it and I’ll put a link up to where I got this set up. I kind of modified it a bunch, but this actual controller is made by… At a company, I can’t quite think good right now.

Roth in Goma, I’ll put a link to them that I guess I take care of the Okinawan.


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