Episode 0 – Introduction & K3 Beer Kit Overview

In Episode 0 we introduce our new channel, CentralBrewTV, and give you an overview of our recommended Brewing Kit for starters, the K3 Beer Kit. Here’s to Beer!

At our new online store, http://centralbrewshop.ecrater.com, you can find select items up to 25% off with Subscribers getting $5 brewing kits & boiling pots. Here you will find a variety of brewing equipment, tools, and accessories tailored to bring you an enjoyable & tasty home brewing experience.

CentralBrewTV is a channel focused on bringing new & beginning home brewers thorough and informative How To Videos. We aim to create a community of Home Brewers that share, educate, and enhance each other’s brewing experience.

Home Brewing is a huge hobby and passion in my life, it also happens to be my business. Ever since I brewed my first batch of English Mild Ale, I was hooked with the ease, quality, and economics of home brewing! Send me any of your questions, concerns, or thoughts and I will do my best to acknowledge and answer them in a valuable and timely manner.

Video Links
Ep. 1 Clean/Sanitize – http://youtu.be/lyRLKoFaW08
Ep. 2 Boiling Your Wort – http://youtu.be/2hKKUnIAw38
Ep. 3 Chill/Transfer/ Ferm. Wort – http://youtu.be/W8TLyBlANao
Ep. 4 Pale Ale Review – http://youtu.be/Wyx_JfjiB9g
Ep. 5 Clear Beer Solutions – http://youtu.be/SWvND74DKXM

RetroFuture Clean – Kevin MacLeod
MellowTron – Kevin MacLeod
Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod

Beer Kit

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