Flora Brewing Irish Stout Homebrew Beer Review

I’m now staying at home in WA instead of LA but fortunately I brought a few cases of my ‘Get Dem Snakes Out’ Irish stout up with me. This was the last can of the batch (I basically had to booby trap it to keep the hub away) so I’m glad I get to show you all how it turned out! To get the recipe and full brew day video go here: https://youtu.be/4LzjjxO1gjY.

This is a take on my unsoured Guinness clone (I can’t stand the 3% soured beer they add to Guinness) using the ingredients I just happen to have when the stay at home order went into effect. This beer turned out a bit stronger than it should have (seems my boil was a bit extra vigorous) but it’s been getting rave reviews. It’s got a lovely roast character and is super drinkable.


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