Green Beer Making You Sick ~ Make Sure It Is Made Right ~

Green Beer

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching. People might not celebrate it as festively as before, but there will be 133 million people observing Irish culture and heritage with the traditional green beer.

Can green beer make you sick? No, as long as you use safe food coloring or dye to make it. The use of too much artificial food coloring or dye can have a negative impact on your health. Natural plant-based ingredients like spirulina and wheatgrass are better.

Let us take a closer look at green beer and its effect on the body. You might be surprised to find out that it also has “not so lucky” side effects on your health.

Green Beer: Is It Dangerous?

Green beer is a must-have drink for St. Patrick’s Day. However, you should also be aware of what it can do to your body.

Many wonder if dyeing beer green is dangerous for the health. The answer depends on the dye used for the beer.

Usually, green beers are dyed with the same food dye you can find at grocery stores.

These products are considered safe, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

But what’s alarming is that artificial food coloring has been associated with health problems like hyperactivity and cancer.

Dr. Deepa Verma, a medical doctor from the United States, says that a drop or two of green dye is not harmful to the body.

But she also emphasizes that regular consumption of larger quantities of artificial food coloring or dye is toxic.

So, be aware of how much beer you will drink on St. Patrick’s Day.

What Are The Side Effects of Green Beer?

Excessive beer drinking can be dangerous to your health, and even more, if you drink green beer.

Whether it is green, yellow, or brown, beer can stain your teeth, having a negative impact on your oral health.

Generally, all beer can cause discoloration on your teeth. Lighter beers cause less staining on your teeth than darker beers, which means that green beer is worse.

The artificial dye in green beer can stain the bacteria’s cell walls in your teeth’ plaque.

Imagine seeing someone on St. Patrick’s Day with their plaque being highlighted with green pigment on their teeth. Isn’t that a little gross?

If you plan to drink green beer to observe the festivities, don’t forget to brush your teeth or drink a good amount of water afterward.

This way, the green tint will fade.

Safer Option to Make Green Beer

To keep the spirit of the holiday, look for healthier alternatives to make green beer.

Wheatgrass and spirulina are among the healthiest options. These two natural ingredients have a fantastic pigment that can catch everyone’s eyes.

Spirulina is nutrient-dense, and it is loaded with antioxidants. On the other hand, wheatgrass is rich in B vitamins that can fight potential hangovers.

You can also find chlorophyll and other plant-based dyes at your local health food store.


You are now ready to enjoy a green beer on St. Patrick’s Day without worrying about your health.

Make the greenest beer there is using safe and natural ingredients.


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