HARD MANGO CIDER [How to Make Cider at Home]

Making hard cider at home couldn’t be easier! And this Hard Mango Cider is the perfect recipe to try out. This hard cider only takes 4 ingredients and you can be sipping on your own Mango Cider at home.

TheBruSho: Home Brewing Simplified!

RECIPE for 2 gal (7.57L):
-2 gal (7.57L) Apple Juice (w/o preservatives)
-2tsp (8g) Yeast Nutrient
-1 Packet EC-1118 Champagne Yeast
-2lbs (0.91 kg) Frozen Mango
Ferment @ 69ºF (20.5ºC) for 1-2 Weeks
Infuse Mango for 5 Days
OG: 1.050
FG: 0.997
ABV: 7%

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Sugar Priming Calculator:

0:00 Intro
0:47 Making Cider
3:17 Adding Mango
4:28 Back Sweetening
5:19 Tasting

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