Headless Horseman’s Pumpkin Ale – Homebrew Beer Recipe

The Headless Horseman’s Pumpkin Ale

6-8 lbs Cinderella Pumpkin, cleaned, cut, roasted
2 cans Coopers Malt Extract — Amber
1 lb Vienna Malt 4L
½ lb Crystal Malt 40L
1 oz Hallertauer Hops 2.3%
1 oz Mt. Hodd Hops 3.9%
Wyeast American Ale II
1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice

Cut and clean pumpkin into pieces. Place in covered dish with a little water on the bottom and roast at 350 degrees F for one hour. Scoop Pumpkin mash out of the pumpkin.

Add pumpkin mash, Vienna Malt, and Crystal Malt to grain bag. Mash grains at 150 — 160 degrees F for 30 min in 3 gallons of water. Sparge with 2 gallons of 150 — 160 degrees F.

Add Malt Extract and 1 oz. Hallertauer Hops to wort and boil for 1 hour. After 45 mins., add Mt. Hood hops. During Last Minute of boil, add pumpkin pie spices. Cool to 70 degrees F. Pitch Yeast.

10/7/11 Original Specific Gravity = 1.052. Yeast pitched. I meant to use the Mt. Hood for the boil and the Hallertauer for the finish. Oh well, I guess this is how new recipes are made.
10/10/11 Fermentation Lock placed on Carboy.
10/16/11 Racked to Keg.
FG = 1.012
10/19/11 First taste without carbonation. You can really smell the pumpkin flavor on the nose and taste it in the malt. Still young and starting to clear.
10/21/11 Forced Cabonated
10/23/11 5.0% ABV
11/26/11 needs more bitter hops. 2oz Mt Hood in boil.


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