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This is an instructional video on how to home brew the best hard cider from fruit juice. I go over the recipe in the video and have provided it below. Check out my website to order all the parts you’ll need. I buy everything you need in bulk and pass the savings on to you.
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Here are the steps to follow:

Step One:
Wash your glass jug, airlock with cap, and rubber stopper with hot water and a little soap. Rinse all soap off thoroughly.
Step Two:
Pour about 1 quart of juice into the sauce pan and dissolve the 0 to 5 cups of sugar. Heat the mixture slowly till lukewarm. Stir constantly to avoid burning. You do not want the mixture too hot or you will kill the yeast.
Step Three:
Pour the sugar/juice mixture into the glass gallon jug using the funnel. Pour juice into the glass jug until the jug is about ¾ full. Add one teaspoon of yeast to the jug. Screw the cap on the jug and shake the heck out of it. After you have relieved your stress remove the cap and finish filling the jug with your juice.
Step Four:
Add a little water to the airlock fill it about half way and put on the red cap. Insert the airlock securely into the rubber stopper. Now push the rubber stopper into the top of the glass jug. By doing this step it keeps dust and other things from getting into your jug in addition it allows the carbon dioxide to escape.
Step Five:
Place the jug with juice mixture in a quiet spot where the temperature will be no less then 60 degrees. The yeast needs it to be warm to convert the sugar to alcohol. After four weeks the bubbles should have almost stopped or be few and far between usually one bubble per minute.
Step Six:
When the bubbles have ceased or slowed to one per minute pour yourself a glass and enjoy!


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