Home brew water filter setup 4 home brew beer [HOMEBREW]

Home brew water filter setup for home brew beer [HOMEBREW] posted this after seeing The Home Brew Network’s video on RO filters lacking the funds at the time this was a simple setup to take any larger particulate matter out of the water for a HLT BIAB scenario.

Not RO still better than nothing ie. Rando water quality with very high calcium content amongst other things in the local water. The setup Gash showed could easily replace this.

Point of the video was to highlight the plumbing mods I have made for anyone interested, can travel with me when the time comes. Unscrew & replace original fittings take the rest with. *Just a side note the dunny rolls used where all from the cupboard far not from the shitter for those making weird faces fresh from the pack with the use purpose of being grabbing any water/condensation from the fridge be safe don’t cross contaminate no joke there. Otherwise Happy brewing!!!

Thanks for Watching Cheers TR 🙂


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