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Why do you add malt extract during the beer brewing process?https://youtu.be/VCf8I1swOxo

Jeff Parker from The Dudes’ Brewery (http://www.thedudesbrew.com) and Andy Black from MacLeod Ale Brewing Co. (http://www.macleodale.com) talk to us about getting started home brewing beer.

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You can brew with malt extract, you can brew with actual barley as the raw ingredient. You take the barley, you crash it in the mill, you add you water with whatever temperature you want the enzymatic reaction to be at.
[Enzymatic Reaction: In enzymatic reactions, the molecules at the beginning of the process, called substrates, are converted into different molecules, called products]
That converts it to fermentable sugar, you then run it off. And you got diluted malt extract. If you’re going to boil that down to a syrup, that would be your malt extract. On a home brew level, you can take your malt extract and add it to water to thin it out essentially. Or here, we make our own malt extract. We don’t bring it all the way down to the syrup status. We use it in a wort strength that we want to hit. The reason why we don’t reduce it down to malt extract is because we are making a batch of beer with the barley that we converted in the fermentable sugar. We don’t need to concentrate it down.

Malt extract is basically just wort concentrated. You can use vacuum boiling like a pressure cooker or other places they use spray dry, like a big tower and then spray it out. So it kind instantaneously dry into a dry malt extract. We don’t use any of that here because we’re basically a work making factory. There used to be breweries in the 1990’s during the dot com boom in this price some small beer parts now., still that operates a wort extract breweries and they do use a liquid malt extract and dry malt extract in their product. But you end up with less choice in the different kinds of beer that you can make. And that’s just something we don’t want to bother with. We want full range of choice and it’s a lot cheaper too. It takes more time but it’s what we do. Otherwise it would just be mixing stuff together and then being decent fermentation. You don’t need to do the whole breadth and depth of the brewing process.


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