Homebrewing: All-grain beer brewing process from grain to glass

Ever wondered what was involved brewing your own beer, starting from a bag of grain? Here’s the full homebrewing process demonstrated using a Blichmann BrewEasy Electric 10 gallon all-grain brewing system. From Day 1 (shop) to Day 25 (drink), the video shows:

– Shopping for ingredients (thanks Atlantic Brew Supply!)
– Milling the grains
– Calculating water chemistry and adding water salts
– Adding grain to mash in
– Mashing
– Draining to kettle and boiling in the Blichmann kettle
– Adding hops
– Sanitizing equipment (all hail Starsan!)
– Cooling the wort with the Blichmann Therminator
– Adding yeast
– Fermenting at a controlled temperature
– Racking to keg
– Force carbonating
– And finally, the best part, serving


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